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    Angel Bikes, Inc. is a not-for-profit tax deductible 501 (C)(3) organization founded by Long Island, New York native Cynthia Ventura and her family.  The organization's mission is to provide free of charge specially designed and built bicycles to accommodate U.S. military veterans who have incurred catastrophic body injuries or severe brain trauma.  Each bike is customized and modified to fit and accommodate each particular veteran, often powered by hand for veterans who have lost the use of their leg(s).

    Through profound motherly love and a deep heartfelt desire to provide a lasting and living legacy in memory of her oldest son, U.S. Marine Corporal Jerome D. Ventura, Cynthia and her family created Angel Bikes.  Jerome served our nation with valor and honor. He died tragically at Marine Air Station Miramar, San Diego in 2011.

    In 2012 the Ventura family's efforts started to bear fruit.  Cynthia and her family were able to present their first Angel Bike to U.S. Marine Corps Captain James Byler of Huntington, New York who lost both legs above the knee after he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan.  A second bike was given to U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Kevin Vaughan of North Merrick, New York who lost his lower leg in 2011 after a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.  For Cynthia and her family, each bike being issued was a gift of love from heaven handed to these veterans in need from her son Jerry. During July 2013, in the midst of developing Angel Bikes, an unspeakable tragedy struck her family for a second time.  Her son, U.S. Marine Lance Corporal William R. Ventura Jr., was struck by a hit and run driver in Selden, Long Island, New York and was paralyzed from the waist down.  Through heartbroken tears she said, "I never thought one day my own son would need an Angel Bike."  Billy's bike was a gift of love from his brother.

    After furnishing dozens of bikes to New York area veterans, it's time for Angel Bikes, Inc. to reach out across America and embrace those severely wounded veterans in need.

    A great challenge awaits us in keeping operational costs down while providing disabled veterans with bikes.  To allow the maximum amount of funds to go towards building and shipping Angel Bikes, we have put together a team of U.S. military veterans who have volunteered to lend a hand.  This team will be a part of our national effort.  They will facilitate delivering bikes to veterans anywhere in America who want and need Angel Bikes.  This great human resource of volunteering veterans working together will be special and unique - an outstanding example of veterans working directly to help veterans, creating a vibrant and ever more meaningful gift to our nation's disabled and very bold veterans.

    For the disabled veteran, Angel Bikes offers multi-dimensional benefits that have enormous positive impact on the quality of life for the recipient.  By joining and riding with groups of fellow bike-riding enthusiasts, strong friendships and lifelong bonds are formed.  Riding with groups of fellow disabled veterans fosters the spirit of comradeship they experienced and embraced while in military service.  The physical activity and exercise of bike riding brings forth the health benefits we all know about.  The psychological gains are very positive and substantial.  American veterans are courageous and disciplined, fearless in the face of challenges.  Angel Bikes helps bring forth the finest qualities of our nation's bravest, most noble sons and daughters.

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